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Government Executives International

Confidential Assistance for Appointees,
Executives and Rising Professionals

Government Executives International

Confidential Assistance for Appointees, Executives and Rising Professionals​

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It's hard to know where to turn when you want to move forward or need to regroup when something goes wrong. Designed for every possible scenario to preserve and advance your federal career, only GEI programs meet the needs of new applicants, promotion seekers, new appointees, feds under political fire or investigation, and those transitioning to the private sector. We are on your side.  Let's see what we can accomplish together.

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The SAFE FED Project is a FREE confidential hotline for federal professionals designed to address the variety and complexity of problems that threaten reputations and success.  Whatever the problem is, you're not alone.  In fact, you're probably not the first.  See how we can help.

GEI Solutions.  Designed for all Federal Professionals.


(E2E) for Career and Appointed Leaders


New Leader Strategies
Career Protection
Political Positioning and Appointments
Confidential Professional Services


(E2B) for Emerging and Seasoned Experts


New Applicant, Promotion and SES Process
Advancement & Transition Strategies
Coaching and Peer Relations
Financial and Retirement Wellness


(E2G) for Innovation and Influence


Maximizing Congressional Connections
Bulletproof Budgets and Programs
Enticing Presidential Appointees
Media and Stakeholder Etiquette

Getting started is easy! Get the answers YOU need.

No two people have the same needs.  GEI Insider gives you options and an easy place to start.  As a GEI Insider, you get access to all GEI programs in three 30 minute sessions for a total of 90 minutes with one or more GEI professionals depending on your needs.

GEI Insider gives you access to:

  1. ExecConnect for maximizing your professional strategies within your organization.  This includes professional crisis services [a 30 minute legal consultation is available with pre-approval]

  2. ExecAssist for professional development and personal financial advice

  3. ExecEngage for maximizing your influence outside of your organization

GEI Insider provides flexibility.  Use your 90 minutes as you wish, when you want.  Plus, you will develop a relationship with a whole team of GEI professionals to work with going forward.

GEI Insider registration fee is $239 renewable annually; certain restrictions apply.

Contact us today to get connected with your very own private team of professionals!


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Meet The Team

Senior Advisor
Megan Caulfield

Steve Lenkart

Senior Advisor
Nancy Segal

Senior Advisor
Deanna Stouder

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Through numerous conversations, Steve invested the time to effectively assess my capabilities and needs... Steve is a great coach and advisor, whose assistance I greatly value.

Deanna really helped me encapsulate my years of work experience into discrete points I could emphasize during my interview and seminar... and here I am in my new position!

From the first time I contacted Steve over 2 years ago, he was very responsive and thorough in providing me guidance on pay, intervention preparation and the transition to the private sector.

After two years and several interviews, I have finally landed a new job! Thanks again for your services, [Nancy]! I'm glad I decided to add the interview coaching which wasn't on my mind..!

The GEI Mission

"Public service is the foundation of a modern and transparent democracy. From it, all things are possible. GEI works to protect opportunity and innovation in government which, in turn, provides a framework from which the country can prosper and succeed.

"It is critical that we entice the best and brightest people into the roles of government. It is imperative that we embrace public service as a viable career choice for honest people who want to contribute to the progress of the nation.

"This is why GEI exists. We provide specialized services and confidential assistance to good people so they can do great things. Together, we can get you there and keep you there."


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