Comments from senior professionals who worked with GEI professionals:

"From the first time I contacted Steve over 2 years ago, he was very responsive and thorough in providing me guidance on SES pay, interview preparation, and making the transition to the private sector.  Additionally, Steve provided me extremely useful guidance to improve my resume and gave me a reference to work with in order to rewrite my resume to give it more impact."  Federal Executive (transitioning to private sector)

“Deanna was tremendously effective as a personal coach.  Deanna gave me a completely different point of view on my world and with her help I was able to quickly learn that there are areas where I could improve myself, my relationship with the office culture and my home life.  I now see how I operate in my workplace more objectively.  Deanna helped me understand what the information provided through assessment tools was telling me and how to have an objective view of the perceptions others have of me.”  NEPA, Strategic Planning, & Sustainability Leader

“After two years and several interviews, I’ve finally landed a new job!  Thanks again for your services [Nancy].  I’m glad I decided to add the interview coaching which wasn’t on my mind in the beginning.  I know it helped me feel more confident as I went into each first/second interview.”  MD, Federal Professional

"This is the second time I have worked with Steve.  In both instances, he was able to give me insights into personnel systems, and give me options and sound advice.  In the first instance, he also provided much needed support.  He is also quick to respond and covers all of the issues."  Federal Executive #J02

“Thank you very much for the help [Nancy].  Getting called for an interview on my first try at applying for other SES positions is most encouraging and more than I expected.”  Judy, New SES Applicant

“Deanna was able to quickly ascertain from our conversations some important leadership related strengths & weaknesses.  Deanna’s genuine interest in my success, expertise & professionalism and friendly demeanor made it easy to trust her, enhancing our progress.”  Deputy Forest Supervisor

“My HR department recently made a decision that adversely affected me based on erroneous information.  Steve provided the correct information that is enabling me to correct that decision.  In the first instance, he worked through some quite thorny issues, and through my interaction with him I believe I made the right decision.”  Federal Senior Manager #C62

“The resume looks great [Nancy]!  Thanks for looking into all of the items that I will need to submit.  Thanks again for a terrific job and all your good advice!”  Anna, Federal Professional

“Deanna’s genuine concern for my personal success was blended with her significant expertise while guiding me through an invaluable opportunity to grow as a person and as leader.  I continue to rely on the knowledge and guidance she provided me in my daily decision making process.”  Special Agent in Charge

"I had a peculiar situation with my agency and Steve reminded me about focusing on what I really wanted...I am immensely better off today.”  Federal Senior Manager #M21

“Nancy’s course was absolutely awesome…I learned so much about supervising.  It was awesome.”  Federal Supervisor #77J

“Deanna really helped me encapsulate my years of work experience into discrete points that I could emphasize during my interview and seminar.  A traditional “science seminar” did not capture all that I was bringing to the table, and how we organized it truly reflected who I am and what I could do for the institution.  I am happy to say that it all worked out and here I am in my new position!  Thanks again.”  University Science Director

"Through numerous conversations, Steve invested the time in me to effectively assess my capabilities and needs in order to provide specific and useful guidance.  He was effective at coaching me in areas that I needed support, and provided me with the confidence to take on additional responsibilities and manage changes encountered when moving to new SES positions.  In summary, Steve has been a great coach and advisor, whose assistance I greatly value.”  Federal Senior Manager (transitioning to Executive) #N19

“[Nancy] This resume is impressive.  The layout is striking, and it compacts a lot of information in a quick read.”  DM

“I was extremely satisfied with my interactions with Steve.  He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and provided excellent professional insight into the situation.  I very much appreciated the time he spent with me, and I felt as though I was getting very personal, individualized, and caring/compassionate advice."  Federal Executive #M7

“Steve provided good advice and knowledge of the federal workforce, specifically how agencies conduct performance reviews for executives.  He also gave me good tips about how to discuss this issue with my rating official."  Federal Senior Manager #B09

“Steve provided excellent feedback on my reassignment rights as a member of the SES.  I appreciated his honesty and was glad to hear of other experiences similar to mine.  His advice was very professional, realistic, and reassuring.  [He] provided peace of mind by providing context on why I was being reassigned without any consultation.  His advice was very reassuring and he gave me insights into why managers would behave the way my manager is/was behaving.”  Federal Executive #A24

“Her questions prodded me to look deeper at myself and explore what was happening for me and how I was choosing to react or behave. Her open challenges to my mindset helped me think about my life and career in new ways and eventually led me to a great outcome of a new position in a new place with new challenges. She provided me with a sense of personal accountability for my growth by checking in with me on what I had tried and how those new behaviors were working for me. Deanna’s coaching helped me develop more effective working relationships and interactions with my subordinates, peers, and agency leadership. Deanna’s wit and character were inspirational to me, and I still carry several “Deanna-isms” in my mind to remind me about the lessons I learned through her coaching. Deanna never “solved” my problems, but helped me find my own solution through her inquiry and objective vantage point. Thanks, Coach!” Forest Supervisor