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Global Affairs


U.S. Mission – To discover international resources and relationships that facilitate American prosperity through democratic principles that promote the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Global Mission – To share experiences, knowledge and practices through global partnerships to inspire the principles of governance that embody the consent and benefit of its people.


There are myriad titles, layers and positions in any government, therefore it is hard to know instinctively to whom to talk.  GEI takes the mystery out of the American government for international entities hoping to make the right impact, and we help U.S. officials to do the same in other parts of the world.  GEI brings people and governments together. 

Influence the world through properly managed relationships that ease tensions and reduce the unknown.  GEI is your personal diplomatic staff.            


If you are in government, you are in politics.  Empower your ability to reach your goals through political and cultural awareness.  Look smart, sound informed, and be prepared to function in the highly visible world of international relationships.  GEI dives deep into the complexities of domestic and international government affairs to place you in front of the right people.  Don't get stuck on the wrong side of protocol or ruin an opportunity through an innocent but unwise comment.  We work to open doors and keep them open.  GEI is your private, confidential and invisible campaign staff.


The world is a very big place.  Finding the right person or organization is difficult.  GEI overt and covert communications makes it easier to find a specialists, send a message, build a coalition, set the stage for future action, or test the waters before you go public.  GEI reaches across governments, industry, nonprofits, affinity groups and international boundaries to make the right connections.  We help you manage public risk and open doors.  We follow all federal, state and local laws and regulations, and we observe federal ethics rules to keep everyone safe.