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Prepare and empower, and preserve and prosper with confidential ExecConnect E2E Solutions.  GEI makes it a little less 'lonely at the top' through personalized strategies to help career and appointed leaders succeed.  Unique to GEI, we are your professional confidant.



All leaders need a strategy and an approach for success.  New and seasoned leaders, first time in gov or old hand.  GEI provides the professional support to set and achieve goals specific to your organization and charge.  Dealing with a tough crowd?  Inheriting a controversial program?  Want to breathe life into a legacy agency or improve congressional and public opinion?  We can do it all because we've been through it all.  This is personalized attention and professional solutions that only GEI offers.


The wolves are out there, waiting.  Allegations of ethics violations, Prohibited Personnel Practices, biased performance evaluations, internal complaints, inspector general investigations, a rogue congress, political opportunists, media claims, bitter subordinates, compromised superiors, disciplinary or other adverse personnel actions, and the list goes on. Career Protection is 100% unique to GEI.  We will help you figure out what went wrong and explore all available options and strategies on a solution or -- at the very least -- how to minimize the damage.  Whether you are blameless or you are party to the situation at hand, everyone deserves due process and a sounding board from which to build a path forward.  If your situation is serious enough to require an attorney, GEI does not provide legal advice but we can help you to evaluate whether legal representation is a good idea.  (GEI does not receive commissions or compensation from law firms. We research and interview top legal experts in federal employment law for your consideration.)


Got your eye on a higher title?  Looking for a board or commission position?  Want to get on a list somewhere or considered for a top job?  GEI dives deep into political worlds on both sides of the aisle and in any administration to get your name in front of the right people.  We work with you to bring out your most relevant experience to make you the most attractive candidate possible.  We reach out to administration, congressional and political entities to open doors that can change your life. GEI is your private, confidential and invisible campaign staff.


Finding the right person or organization is difficult.  GEI overt and covert communications makes it easier to find a specialists, send a message, build a coalition, set the stage for future action, or test the waters before you go public.  GEI reaches across government, industry, nonprofits, affinity groups and international boundaries to make the right connections.  We help you manage public risk and open doors.  We follow all federal, state and local laws and regulations, and we observe federal ethics rules to keep everyone safe.

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